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The standard edition of the works of Beddoes is The Works of Thomas Lovell Beddoes (1935), edited by H.W. Donner and published by Oxford University Press. Outstanding editions of Death's Jest-Book have also been published recently: Death's Jest-Book: The 1829 Text (2003), edited by Michael Bradshaw and published by Routledge, and Death's Jest-Book or The Day Will Come: A New Edition of the γ Text Established by H.W. Donner (2003), edited by Alan Halsey and published by West House Books in association with the Thomas Lovell Beddoes Society.

The following texts are from The Poems Posthumous and Collected of Thomas Lovell Beddoes (London: William Pickering, 1851), edited by Thomas Forbes Kelsall.

For some discussion of the value and limitations of Kelsall's edition, click here.

Dramas: The Brides' Tragedy: Original Dedication | Act I | Act II | Act III | Act IV | Act V or the Entire Drama | Death's Jest-Book: Act I | Act II | Act III | Act IV | Act V or the Entire Drama | The Second Brother; An Unfinished Drama: Act I | Act II | Act III | Act IV or the Entire Drama | Torrismond; An Unfinished Drama

Dramatic Scenes and Fragments: (Kelsall writes, "such of them, as were apparently intended for insertion in the 'Death's Jest-Book,' are here distinguished by the letters D.I.B.") Anticipation of Evil Tidings | An Apotheosis | A Beautiful Night | "Bona de Mortuis" | Concealed Joy | A Countenance Foreboding Evil | A Crocodile | A Day of Surpassing Beauty | Dirge ("No Tears...") | A Dream | Dream of Dying | Erminia Abbandonata | Extreme Acclivity | A Great Sacrifice Self-Compensated | Human Life: Its Value | Humble Beginnings | Insignificance of the World | The Israelite amid Philistines | Kisses | Life a Glass Window | Life's Uncertainty | A Lofty Mind | "Love is Wiser than Ambition" | Lovers' Identity | Man's Anxious, but Ineffectual, Guard against Death | Man's Petty Universe Contrasted with the True | Meditation | Metaphor of Rain | Midnight Hymn | The Mourners Consoled | The Murderer's Haunted Couch | A Night-Scene | Prison Thoughts | Rain | Reception of Evil Tidings | Recognition | Recollection of Early Life | Rosily Dying | A Ruffian | Sad and Cheerful Songs Contrasted | Sleeper's Countenance Contemplated | The Slight and Degenerate Nature of Man | Sorrow | Speaker's Meaning Dimly Descried | Subterranean City | A Subterranean City | Sweet to Die

Poems: Alfarabi; the World Maker: A Rhapsodical Fragment | Alpine Spirit's Song | Another Dirge | Another Letter to the Same [B.W. Procter]: from Göttingen; March, 1826 | Ballad of Human Life | The Boding Dreams | Bridal Serenade | Dial-Thoughts | A Dirge | Dirge and Hymeneal | Dirge ("If Thou...") | Dirge ("Let Dew...") | Dirge ("To Her Couch...") | Dirge ("We Do Lie...") | Doomsday | Dream-Pedlary | L'Envoi | Epitaph | From the German | The Ghosts' Moonshine | A Lament | Letter to B.W. Procter, Esq.: From Oxford; May, 1825 | The Lily of the Valley | Lines ("All Kingdomless...") | Lines ("Although My Old...") | Lines ("Folly Hath...") | Lines ("Mummies and Skeletons...") | Lines ("The Knight...") | Lines, Written at Geneva; July, 1824 | Lines Written in a Blank Leaf of the 'Prometheus Unbound' | Love-in-Idleness | Love's Last Messages | The Median Supper | Music and Song | The New-Born Star | The Phantom-Wooer | Pygmalion | The Reason Why | The Romance of the Lily | The Runaway | Song ("A Cypress Bough...") | Song ("A Ho...") | Song by Isbrand | Song by Siegfried | Song, by Two Voices | Song from the Ship | Song ("How Many Times...") | Song in the Air | Song ("My Goblet's Golden...") | Song of the Stygian Naiades | Song ("Old Adam...") | Song on the Water ("As Mad Sexton's Bell...") | Song, on the Water ("Wild with Passion...") | Song ("Poor Old Pilgrim...") | Song ("Strew Not Earth...") | Song ("Strike, You Myrtle-Crowned...") | Song: Translated from the German of Walther von der Vogelweide | Song ("We Have Bathed...") | Sonnet: To Tartar, A Terrier Beauty | Stanzas (from the Ivory Gate) | Threnody ("Far Away...") | Threnody ("No Sunny Ray...") | To My Lyre | The Tree of Life | The Two Archers | A Voice from the Waters | Voices in the Air

These poems are from The Poetical Works of Thomas Lovell Beddoes (London: J.M. Dent and Co., 1890), edited by Edmund Gosse:

The Flowery Alchemist | Fragment ("A Veined Petal...") | Fragment ("Folly Hath Now...") | Lord Alcohol | The Old Ghost | The Oviparous Tailor | Silenus in Proteus | Song ("The Snake Is...") | Sonnet to Zoë King | Written in Album at Clifton; March, 1828

Index by First Line (this covers the Kelsall and Gosse texts above).

These editions are available at other sites:

The Brides' Tragedy, edited by David Baulch.

Poems by the Late Thomas Lovell Beddoes (1851), edited by Thomas Forbes Kelsall (this volume does not include Death's Jest-Book).

The Poetical Works of Thomas Lovell Beddoes (1890), edited by Edmund Gosse: Volume 1 | Volume 2.